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Industry & Energy

All risks identified.
Clearly Lengkeek.

Lengkeek has extensive experience within the industry and energy sector, both in terms of valuations as well as loss assessments.

Identifying possible risks

Insurers and brokers rely on Lengkeek as a sparring partner and trusted adviser. Our consultants identify all possible risks by, for example, providing much-needed insight into the assets.

It’s always important to obtain a clear picture. In consultation with our clients, we determine the needs and requirements. Moreover, because these cases involve large contracts that require a lot of time, we often assemble a team consisting of people from both Lengkeek as well as the client. Our account manager acts as the main contact supervises the entire process.

Market segmentHealthcare

Lifting burdens. Clearly Lengkeek.

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Market segmentGovernment & Education

Analyses and valuations. Clearly Lengkeek.

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