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Claims Services

Flexible on claims management.
Clearly Lengkeek.

Lengkeek is a leader in the area of claims management as well as many other related services.


Lengkeek claims services are always flexible, regardless of the scope of the project. We manage complete claim portfolios for different insurers as well as smaller claims. Our expertise can be made available for the duration of the entire project or only at times when you wish to lighten your workload.


In addition to providing services in the area of claims services, we also examine the possibilities for financial recovery. If recovery is deemed possible, we also calculate and recover wage-related settlements.


uClaim is a service launched by Lengkeek in joint collaboration with EMS. With uClaim insurers can have their property-, furniture, travel and liability claims automatically reviewed by the Expertise-engineā„¢. The information stored in the database allows for a direct validation of the claim. Additionally, information regarding the cause and damage can also be accessed. Thanks to uClaim, insurers now have more certainty regarding the settlements they pay out.

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