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Construction All Risk

Clarity on financial consequences.
Clearly Lengkeek.

Lengkeek adjusters handle claims on a variety of Construction and Erection insurances. We have expertise in the field of construction, mechanical engineering as well as civil engineering. Lengkeek works with virtually all Construction All Risk (CAR) insurers in the Netherlands.

Our adjusters can operate either independently or as a multidisciplinary team. The ideal composition of the team depends on the requirements of the project and is determined on a case by case basis. In order to arrive at an informed judgment, our adjusters examine the contractual relationship between the parties concerned as well as the technical facts and circumstances. Subsequently, the potential for financial recovery is researched.

Clear reporting

Our way of working leads to a clear and complete report of facts and circumstances. We also provide all concerned CAR insurers with a complete picture of the financial consequences that result from the claim. With these complete reports, insurers are able to take a responsible position regarding the submitted claim.


In addition to researching technical facts and circumstances, we also look at insurance policies of the third parties involved. E.g. liability, professional liability and concurrent construction and installation Insurance.

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