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Cyber Risk

Minimizing potential risks.
Clearly Lengkeek.

At Lengkeek, dealing with local and international cases of cyber damage is business as usual. International cases are handled in joint collaboration with our partner Charles Taylor.

When considering cyber risk, one often thinks of cyber crime. Cyber risks, however, are usually the result of unwitting behaviour. It is often human error and equipment failure that leads to cyber damage. We feel it is important to inform entrepreneurs about the risks they face and to ensure that there is a proper claims handling. Therefore, we always participate and advise the insured on the actions they need to undertake in order to minimise potential risks.

Cyber damage

Cyber damage can have major financial implications. Lengkeek has a multidisciplinary team consisting of IT specialists, forensic accountants, legal and communications experts who are able to oversee all facets. Our experts relay all the information to the insurers and brokers in a clear and thoughtful manner.

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