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Fine Art & Jewellery

Genuine interest and a personal approach.
Clearly Lengkeek.

Lengkeek specialises in the valuation of fine art, antiques, jewellery and household effects. We have been appraising art for insurance purposes, division of property and inheritance for almost 40 years. Our clients range from private citizens to museums and businesses.

Sincere and personal

Appraisals of valuables requires an appraiser with a personal approach and sincere interest in you and your property. Our certified appraisers are such people. They are very active within the world and are therefore always fully aware of the latest (price) developments. The appraisal of jewellery is done by means of visual inspection.


Our detailed reports include descriptions and appraisals of all your belongings. A valuation report is clear proof you can fall back on in case of loss. A valuation report by Lengkeek offers the following benefits:

• you can demonstrate what has been lost
• there is no discussion about the value, it is fixed
• you are not underinsured
• In case of damage, the fair value is paid out

Our valuation reports are accepted by all Dutch insurers.

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