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Insurance Valuations

Claim what you are entitled to.
Clearly Lengkeek. 

An objective valuation is important when you take out insurance. A valuation records the value of your property on the basis of replacement values. If there is damage, you get paid the amount you are entitled to.

The valuation reports for insurance purposes will be prepared by us in accordance with article 7: 960 BW. Valuation reports are included in the insurance policy and give the assurance of optimal coverage and thus prevents under- or over-insurance.


Lengkeek can offer insurance valuations for buildings, inventory, machinery, equipment, art, valuables and household effects. Our experts can also carry insurance valuations that can be used for engineering insurance.

Valuation report

A thorough valuation report has many advantages. Firstly, a valuation report is binding. Additionally, in case of loss, you can always fall back on the valuation report as proof. More over the value will never be up for discussion and a valuation report contributes to a speedy settlement of claims. Also, a valuation report means that you are never under-insured and ensures that you always are always paid the right amount.

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