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International Loss Adjusting

Your loss, our concern. Even across the border.
Clearly Lengkeek.

Lengkeek offers international adjusting and claims settlement services in the fields of energy, transportation, aviation, fire, accidents and other special kinds of risks as well as valuation services for ship owners.

Senior adjusters

When it comes to international claims, Lengkeek has a team of senior adjusters ready to make the difference. Our adjusters are directed by the international desk which is located within our headquarters in Rotterdam. Our experienced professionals are mainly deployed on large and complex claims such as insured catastrophes and other claims within the business market.

The core team consists of six members, each a specialist in a different field. Depending on the particulars and complexities of the case, the team is expanded even further.

Global coverage

In the Netherlands, Lengkeek is the exclusive business partner of Charles Taylor Adjusting (CTA). CTA is one of the leading international loss adjusters. Thanks to our partnership with CTA, Lengkeek is able to truly offer global coverage. You see, your loss is our concern. Even across the border.

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