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Legal Aid

Technical and substantive.
Clearly Lengkeek.

Lengkeek adjusters regularly investigate agreements between parties. We do so on behalf of legal assistance insurers or their clients. Our adjusters look at the way the work has been carried out and assess if generally accepted standards have been as well as regulatory and legal requirements.


Legal assistance insurers often require a substantive technical assessment of disputes in various fields such as building construction, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, the environment, agricultural engineering, cattle-breeding and/or agriculture.

Binding recommendations

The result of the assessment can be a full report which can be used to convince the other party. In other cases, the report helps to facilitate further discussion. In some cases, our research findings and reports are formulated as binding recommendations.

Examination & rebuttal

In carrying out the investigation and finalising the report there is always room for investigation and rebuttal. All parties involved are provided with access to the preliminary conclusions and are constantly given the opportunity to provide supplemental information.

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