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Lengkeek Real Estate Valuations

Quality at the highest level.
Clearly Lengkeek.

Lengkeek provides both market value valuations for the purpose of purchase or financing as well as valuations of replacement values. Our real estate valuers are specialists in their field, certified and adhere to the latest standards.


Lengkeek is all about delivering quality at the highest level. Our valuers work in accordance with the latest standards when it comes to real estate valuations, namely RICS and the PTA-28 recommendations. Lengkeek distinguishes itself from many other from many other agencies through the use of calculation models based on the BAR/NAR and DCF method, market research and reference transactions (sale and rent). The use of mathematical models and tables enables us to make a well-informed assessment of the property. Moreover, our valuation reports always meet the requirements set by banks.


Lengkeek is registered with the NRVT and is also a member of the TMI (Taxatie Management Instituut). All requests are handled by registered valuers (Stichting VastgoedCert).

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