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Specialists in complex and sensitive damages.
Clearly Lengkeek.

Lengkeek aims to unburden all stakeholders, from beginning to end, in particular when it comes to complex and sensitive claims in which many parties are involved.

Lengkeek is a leader in the field of liability. We are specialised in claims related to property, claims in the field of engineering (construction, civil engineering, mechanical engineering), the environment, agriculture, livestock as well as claims related to financial loss.

We always seek cooperation with all parties involved. This approach enables us to see the big picture, keep track of shared goals and arrive at the best possible solutions.

Claims (on liability insurance)

Our adjusters regularly investigate claims for companies and governments. Often, these are claims related to property damage or claims in the field of engineering. Besides dealing with liability claims for companies and governments, we also work closely with real estate agents, technical advisors (architects and engineers) and financial services.

Our liability adjusters examine the relevant contracts between the parties concerned and look at the conditions agreed to between the parties. The nature and extent of the financial impact is analysed and if necessary, properly assessed.

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