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A thorough understanding of operational risks.
Clearly Lengkeek.

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Lengkeek is prominent in the field of risk analyses for companies and institutions. We conduct these analyses on behalf of insurers, agents as well as for the companies themselves. With a risk assessment, clients gain a thorough understanding of the operational risks.

Assessing risk

While performing a risk analysis, we identify fire as well as liability-related risks. Issues such as construction type, use, work processes, condition, location and environment are carefully evaluated.

Our experts examine and assess the risks that insurers run in case of fire, extensive dangers and machinery breakdown insurance (with or without business interruption coverage) in both the industrial sector and SMBs.

Fire and burglary risk

Technical inspections and fire risk surveys are carried out in different ways. However, quality is always our main priority and our inspection models always lead to a clear understanding of construction, contiguity, destination and preventative measures.

Lengkeek also provides advice on any additional (fire) prevention and intrusion protections. These analyses are performed according to the risk models that the Verbond van Verzekeraars (Insurers Association) recommends to its members.

Lengkeek Risk Monitor

Clients of insurance companies are not always aware of all the risks, nor do they always have a firm grasp on regulations that may apply to their business operations. The Lengkeek Risk Monitor is a handy tool for insurers, with which all insurable and uninsurable risks to companies are critically examined. Contact us for more information regarding the Lengkeek Risk Monitor.

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